Hydration Packs

Taking our hikes to a different level in preparation and training for El Camino, we are beginning to experiment with different products.  Here are three different Hydration Packs that are lightweight and comfortable.


WACOOL Waterproof Hydration Bladder Pack

This lightweight daypack is excellent for hiking and cycling.  It holds 2 liters of water and has extra pockets that come in handy to store your cell phone, lip balm, money, keys, and even a 13 inch laptop.  It buckles securely across the chest and around the waist.  I used the top strap only and the fit was very comfortable.

At under $30, this pack is a great choice.


JUBOURY Water Rucksack Bladder Bag

This pack is compact and sleek.  Love how small it is, and very comfortable.  Securely buckles at the chest and waist only.  There are a few small pockets for cell phone storage and other small items.  Comes in five great colors.

On sale for $20.99 on Amazon– this pack is a steal!


Hydration Pack by OUR GIFT WORLD

Larger than the Wacool and Juboury, this hydration pack is equally as comfortable, with more room for additional storage.  The pack secures around the chest and waist with adjustable straps.  However, we found that the waist strap was a bit short and did not adjust well to all body sizes.  Large enough to carry essentials on longer hikes and cycling trips.

Regularly priced at $35.00, bought on sale for $25.00.